We are posting live from SXSW today and let me tell you this festival just keeps getting better. You know in a world where you cannot even turn on the news without an anti-depressant and scotch, it just shows how beautiful music is for the people. I have said it before but music is the ultimate human bond whether jazz, hip hop, rock, techno, music is unity & peace! In a week where every band is on display in Austin I wanted to talk about a company that makes being a career musician a breeze. The ADS Group has been around since 1989 and they do everything from content development, CD/DVD production, media packaging, fulfillment/distribution, and much more. I was excited to have John St. Martin come on and really let readers know what they can do for you & your music. I also placed a link where you can meet The ADS Group @ SXSW.

Stoli: Where are we talking from today and how is your week going?

The ADS Group:   My office is in Marlborough, MA. My week is going great, I just got back from vacation.

The ADS Group @ SXSW:

Stoli: Offer readers a bit of your background and how you joined The ADS Group?

The ADS Group:   I have worked in the music distribution business for twenty years as a CD & DVD manufacturing representative. The ADS Group was one of my suppliers. When it was time to join an organization, I went to my best vendor first.  

Stoli: The ADS Group offers musicians a variety of services. Please explain how you guys can help bands with everything but the music?

The ADS Group:   We are a one stop shop and you deal directly with the manufacturer. You cut out the middle man, save money, and have access to all the different services we provide.   We can help you with everything from recycled “Green” packaging, to multiple disc sets, to application development.   It’s like a supermarket for musicians, you can pick and choose what you need.

Stoli: Now that the music biz has gone to digital downloads and streaming, how can the ADS Group assist bands in this area as well?

The ADS Group: Streaming is huge right now, people have realized that they can do it themselves without the annoyances of YouTube and similar file sharing sights. Our program walks you through the process and shows you how to monetize your video streaming.

[youtube 9KIWV7fItG0 nolink]

Stoli: How do you listen & discover music in your everyday life?

The ADS Group:   I discover music through my friends who are musicians.   They are constantly sending me new stuff to check out and older, hard to find video of the classics.

Stoli: The ADS Group is a big company. What made you want to shift your focus to independent bands and are there any bands on Skope that have caught your ear?

The ADS Group:   Independant bands are the backbone of the music industry and where we focus our attention. There is something about the independent, entrepreneurial spirit that we connect with.  

Stoli: Not to go off topic but after the passing of Whitney Houston do you think musicians mask their addictions with all their fame & fortune until its too late?

The ADS Group:   Not really, it seems like most musicians are honest about their addictions. What they might not understand is the power of addictions, it’s not so easy to stop when you decide to go mainstream.

Stoli: What advice can you offer to bands & musicians in regards to getting ahead and getting your music heard?

The ADS Group: The sooner you look professional, the more people will start treating you like a professional.

Stoli: If a Skope reader wants to get in touch with you, how should they do that?

The ADS Group: or by phone 508.229.8063

Stoli: What is one cool music project that you worked on that came out really well?

The ADS Group:   They all come out well, but I really enjoy working with musicians on their first disc and then watching them grow.

Stoli: Are you a Bear or Bull when it comes to the US economy and the music business over the long term?

The ADS Group:   I am an eternal optimist and think the independents have incredible opportunities to be heard and compete now were inconceivable a few decades ago. We are only a couple of years away from breaking this recession and the people who do the work now will be sitting pretty at that time.

Stoli: Whats coming up for you & The ADS Group & where you @ online?

The ADS Group:   We are exhibiting at the “Publishing Business Conference” in New York on March 19-20. You can also find me online at Linked In, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Search for John St. Martin and I will take care of you. Peace.

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