San Francisco native, E-Train will be releasing his debut solo project through Elevated Press Records on March 20th this year. The Hip-Hop advocate has called upon a league of thoroughbred MCs to join him on this project such as Talib Kweli, Keith Murray, Wordsworth, Akrobatik and more.

Teaming up underground heavyweights with the bourgeoning lyricists which the Bay Area and beyond has to offer, E-Train aptly fuses the old with the new to present a cohesive project which boasts versatility while displaying his competent controls behind the mixing desk.

On Solid Ground is E-Train’s return to the digital world since The Loyalists, E-Train’s long time Hip-Hop crew, went on hiatus in 2009.   Explaining the concept behind On Solid Ground, E-Train explains “I started working with artists from around the Bay Area but it quickly spread across the country.   Before I knew it, I was working with some of my favorite MCs on the planet and the end result was an album which combines that boom-bap Hip-Hop with soul and R&B, an album I am very proud of.”

On Solid Ground is available through all digital retailers on March 20th. For interviews, reviews or further information contact


01.On Solid Ground (feat. Rubydell)

02.Same Game (feat. Pep Love, Wordsworth)                      

03.Guess Again (feat. Phil the Agony, Talib Kweli, Stephen Memmo)

04.Three Clicks (feat. D Mottola)

05.Fiyah Burn (feat. Holly Saucy)

06.The Show (feat. Akrobatik)

07.Endangered Species (feat. Rasco)                              

08.Blackout (feat. Phil the Agony)

09.Will To Live (feat. Celsius 7)

10.The Love Epidemic (feat Gyrl Ab’Strakt)

11.Outrageous (feat. D Mottola, Pro, Virtu)

12.As Loud As You Want (feat. Jay Qwest, Rubydell)

13.Up In Smoke (feat. Phil the Agony, Holly Saucy)

14.Bombin The System (feat. D Mottola, Tai the 13th, Touchphonics)

15.It’s Goin Down Gettin Down (feat. The Aztext)

16.Talk Shit (feat. BURNTmd, Keith Murray)

17.Middle Finger Lifestyle (feat. Anderson Ray, Mic Danja)

18.There Was A Time (feat. Rubydell)

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