Do Me Wrong — the sophomore EP from enigmatic singer/songwriter Jordan Corey –— will be released digitally on March 5th. Produced and recorded by Jason Hollis (Pink Spiders) and Dan Dixon (Dropsonic) and mixed/mastered by Matt Hyde (No Doubt) the highly anticipated release from the Northern California native offers music fans five original tracks as well as a soulful reinvention of the Rolling Stones classic, “Miss You.” Corey’s latest release brews up a powerful sonic blend that can best be described as a “Stax Records sound with an Indie twist.”

Do Me Wrong was recorded in Los Angeles at Sonora Recorders utilizing vintage gear to create a distinctly handmade, analog sound. The EP also features world-class musicians including saxophonist Lon Price (Rolling Stones/Patti LaBelle) and trumpet player Brian Schwartz (Michael Bublé). Do Me Wrong offers up a sound that is both classic and entirely fresh.

“This EP is absolutely a breakup record,” says Corey. “Everyone can relate to the experience of ending a relationship and feeling pissed off — like you just want to move on. There’s definitely some sadness and anger in this record, but it’s still an ass-shaker and something you can groove to.”

On Corey’s first single, “Tonight,” her style instantly emerges with the white-hot energy of an early Spector record. Gritty horns and lush string arrangements give tracks like “Do Me Wrong” and “Heart of Stone” an unexpected, sophisticated twist. “Good Love” is a funky stomp fueled by a powerful, 60’s-inspired brass section punctuated by handclaps and Motown-style background vocals — while “Take it Back” is a groove-injected rocker. Corey’s rework of the Rolling Stones’ “Miss You” morphs the legendary track from a raunchy catcall into a soulful song imbued with longing.

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