The St Louis, MO based musical group Barley Station is proud to announce the release of their first album, “After All,” under their new label: Barleyfields Records. The album will be available via major digital outlets such as iTunes, Amazon, Verizon, Napster, etc. Physical copies will be made available via and through CD Baby’s physical distribution partners. The album contains the critcally favored single “I Found You,” which the Music Dish Journal described as “Rootsy alternative country at its best: catchy guitar riffs, driving rhythms, and a contagious harmony with simple but cool, happy go lucky lyrics [that] make this a likeable and great track that’s easy on the ears and warming to the heart.”

About Barley Station:

Barley Station is one of those rare triple-fronted and multiple songwriter-vocalist bands (two male, one female) whose music combines the roots of Americana, Pop/Rock, Country, and Folk and puts them in a blender with a dash of amaretto pouring out a tasty glass of sound. The result is a distinctly alternative blend that draws deeply from its roots yet looks forward to the future.

Reverb Nation artist David Namerow exclaims: “Barley Station cuts cleanly and crisply through the genre clutter with grooves that slice directly to the heart with honest power. Finally, music with teeth, heart and soul!”

I Am Entertaiment Magazine put it this way, “Barley Station’s eclectic brand of rock, country and folk music will give fans of those genres something to talk about. Unlike many bands, Barley Station isn’t just creating music and calling it alternative, they’ve really mixed things up on AFTER ALL, making it a truly alternative rock album.

Barley Station prides itself upon featuring two, three, and occasionally four-part harmonies, driving rhythms, and contagious melodies. The songwriting covers the gamut of emotions moving from upbeat bright material to darker or introspective moods. The sound is punctuated throughout with alternative country, bright pop/rock to progressive folk and alternative pop/rock sensibilities.

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