Brooklyn by way of Seattle emcee Aaron Cohen follows up his highly anticipated mixtape Crack with the visuals for one of the project’s marquis cuts, “Up And Down”.   Directed by Shervins World, the video takes both The Electric Cool-Aid Acid Test and Alice In Wonderland to new heights as the bi-coastal rhymesayer invites all his homies, which include Chewbaca and Gumby over the crib for some tomfoolery.   Crack is now available…use responsibly.

[youtube K9mQpRGQahs nolink]

“Where I walk is my kingdom that’s the rollin’ throne, gettin’ head on the bus, that’s the rollin’ dome, Aaron Cohen, spit that monotone methadone, only thing left to say is let’s get it on, cause I kill every track that I spit it on, bukake music cause somebody just got shitted on’..”


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