PYYRAMIDS’ new music video for “Don’t Go” will put a smile on your face.   It will remind you of yourself at a younger age or of somebody you know.   Directed by Ericka Clevenger with art direction by Javier Meza, the video captures the joy we get from music, the excitement that ensues, and the innocence of youth.

[youtube AzeVrgnVnUE nolink]

“Don’t Go,” the band’s second single from Human Beings EP, has an equally playful rhythm section contrasting lyrics that tell a melancholy story of yearning and separation, with a bridge that screams angst and emotion.   Every time we watch this video we notice more things that we love and we’re thrilled to share it with you.   PYYRAMIDS is Tim Nordwind (bassist in OK Go) and singer Drea Smith.

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