UK based Bo Walton has hit number one on the British & Irish Country charts with only his second single “Wild at heart.”

Released less than four weeks ago the feedback has been tremendous with plays on Country and Rockabilly stations around the world.

In the words of USA DJ Jimmy Jay –

“How often do you get a CD and listen to the entire thing, every track, in today’s world not very. I cannot remember the last time I did, until today, not once but 3 times in a row while driving in my car. The Only reason I stopped is because I made it home.

This amazing singer is from England and has blown me away. Is It Roy Orbison, Bruce Springsteen, Charlie Gracie, Gene Vincent, Buddy Holly? No it’s Bo Walton. I strongly recommend this CD for your station. Bo is rocking the UK now, and is also getting heavy play in New Zealand and Australia. For those of you that run the rewind mix show you heard me world premier a few of his tacks a while back now the full CD is out and I get to share it with you. I love the songs…. I Like It Like That, Wild At Heart, Wicked Moon and Miss You Bad to name a few. Keep on Rockin’” Jimmy Jay USA

“Having a Number One single is fantastic news” said Tabitha Record CEO, Graham Sclater, “because the first Bo Walton album “Waiting at heart” is also released this week.”

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