Magnificently brutal rockers Every Time I Die are unleashing an intensely moody and ambitious cinematic accompaniment to their powerful song “Revival Mode.” The track is from the band’s highly anticipated new album Ex Lives set for release this March 6th via Epitaph Records.

[youtube AEp-Owhqbr0 nolink]

The group’s singer, Keith Buckley, offers the following on their new video:
“We worked with director Robert Schober who has done incredible work for Mastodon, Deftones, Metallica and now, us. The clip has a very ambiguously creepy David Lynch vibe to it and might be the first time we’ve never included a single one of our instruments in lieu of a story line that exists outside of us as members of a band. It’s dark and weird and while not completely adhering thematically to the lyrics, it sets a larger, broader mood which marries the song perfectly.”

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