Introspectively speaking, I sometimes ponder over some of the occurrences that have transpired musically in my life, like attending grade school in Brooklyn with a music group called The Amplifiers–they were later lodged “in the place to be” as Full Force. There’s now a SPOTLIGHT on them courtesy of TV One’s hit music biography series Unsung, plus a new book Bowlegged Lou, Paul Anthony and B-Fine wrote called Not Just A House Party. The Full Force brothers and I go so far back (codename Elementary School), that you’ll probably hear more about them throughout this series, as if you haven’t already. To open the lens on how incessant entertainment life can be, here’s a sneak peek of the action from what I call “48 Hours in the ATL.”

While out promoting their Unsung feature and new book in January of 2012, Full Force made a pit stop in Atlanta. This was just after making an appearance in New York, and prior their Los Angeles stop. As luck would have it, I caught up with the guys at Auburn Avenue’s research library, where they held a private meet and greet, book signing and a pre-screening of their Unsung feature. Along with high-profile director P. Frank Williams, Full Force gave an ear-opening lecture about their latest projects. For those who don’t know, P. Frank Williams is an Emmy and NAACP Image award-winning author, commentator, journalist and TV-film producer-writer that did production work on BET’s “American Gangster” and TV One’s “Unsung” series. (By the way, Full Force now holds the title as the most watched episode, please see http://www.eurweb.com/2012/02/full-force-makes-unsung-history/ as well as https://www.google.com/search?client=gmail&rls=gm&q=TV%20ONE%20UNSUNG%20FULL%20FORCE.)

Unexpectedly, I ran into DJ Red Alert and Grandmaster Dee of Whodini in the building and ‘had to holla’ at these heavyweights from back in the day, around my way in New York town. Also in the house representing “The People’s Station,” V-103 FM, was the ever-so-eloquent Ramona DeBreaux. Later, there was an after party down the street at the Indigo Bar, where the Peach City Records team was in ‘full force,’ so to speak–shoutouts to PCR chief Wade Jones, bass king Levi Patton, singer’s singer Level and newest crew member, the Internet-savvy Mister Christopher Baskett.   “More news at 11.” In other words, see you next month and we’ll finish up!

This month’s special guests include a unique alpha female known as APACHE WOLF — this lovely voice goes deep with lyrics, so check her out!! We also feature Jazz-Fusion’s own, Brian Jackson introducing Lonnie Liston Smith at a show in Jacksonville, FL, a real eye opener!!



FULL FORCE’s B-Fine, Paul Anthony, L.A. Jackson,

P. Frank Williams, Len Gibson, Bowlegged Lou





Jazz-Fusion legends

“Soulful Night Of Keys”: Jacksonville, FL

Brian Jackson intro Lonnie Liston Smith

[youtube ot407k0vTQw nolink]

LA Jackson – ‘da musicmon’ – musicmon101@gmail.com

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