Planetary Nights is back and better than ever with their second studio album titled ‘Today Ain’t Too Late’.     The brand new CD was just released on February 7th and can be purchased on CDBaby, iTunes and Amazon. Following up their successful 2009 release of ‘Elliptical Motion’ and their equally impressive 2010 ‘Live ‘n’ Untethered’ album, Planetary Nights is at it again!  

This time around you’re getting more rock-oriented material with solid ballads on ‘Today Ain’t Too Late’ vs. more of a bluesy soul rock vibe on ‘Elliptical Motion’.   R.J. McSweeney is the sole singer/songwriter & rhythm guitarist behind this well-powered machine that is Planetary Nights.   McSweeney is definitely steering this ship in the right direction but also with a little help from some talented musicians.   You have roots rock vet Eric “Roscoe” Ambel producing the record while also contributing guitar parts & arrangements, Kelley Looney on bass, Rob Arthur on piano and Phil Cimino on drums.   You will also hear terrific backup singers on the album: Mary Lee Kortes, Elaine Caswell, Nicki Richards and Dorie Colangelo.   Overall, R.J. & company have one hot record on their hands and I ain’t afraid to say it because ‘Today Ain’t Too Late’!

With songs already licensed and featured on A&E, ESPN & the Alliance of Action Sports, Planetary Nights seems to have IT all together.   Plus, 16,000 fans on can’t be wrong!   NYC-based Planetary Nights is tearin’ up the Big Apple with 14 new songs to add to their artillery.   People everywhere will love the raw energy and rootsy, rockin’ sound that R.J. and his team are cookin’ up here.  

Timing is everything and I can honestly say that NOW just feels right based on what I’ve heard on ‘Today Ain’t Too Late’.   Not too early but not too late; Planetary Nights is right on time!   For more info on this exciting act from New York, SKOPE out  

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