“It all starts with the song,” says singer/songwriter/guitarist Peter Kelly, “an acoustic guitar (or piano if you’ve got one), your voice, and whatever idea that is trying to come out.” All the songs on Peter’s debut solo EP, Forever, Again, go through the same process. “There is that flash of inspiration, the race to get it down on tape or paper, then hours of building and molding and pulling your hair out until you think you have something that may be worthy of a second opinion.” Peter believes that his favorite songwriters like Billy Joel, The Beatles, Coldplay, Dave Matthews, Jamie Cullum, U2, Damien Rice, and Jeff Buckley are masters of balancing melody, harmony, lyrics, and groove to create brilliant compositions before a band or producer begins to add life and color.

In the case of Peter Kelly’s Forever, Again EP, the life and color was the job of producer John Campos. Campos, who once played guitar for the heavy metal band Type O Negative, and Kelly met while recording a country album with the band the Roadside Poets. Peter, the band’s guitarist, was impressed with how Campos’s natural instincts added clarity, character, and dynamic to the songs. When contacted by WACBIZ founder Suzanne Hilleary to submit singer/songwriters to her licensing company, Campos called Peter Kelly to record some of his original material. Though the songs were raw and underproduced, Kelly was immediately offered a deal by Hilleary. Kelly and Campos, feeling inspired by their collaboration, decided to spend the next several months working together on a fully produced EP.


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