Natural musicians and songwriters are just that, they were born with the gift. What if however you were that musician, but you never knew you were. Then one day all the stars align and that part of you just appears, opens up with the natural gift that was always been there, but added to that all the experience and wisdom and music heard over fifty years. Who you would have is Julie Clark Shubert.

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The story is awesome. Julie, a very musical person learned piano when she was eight, but the piano and the classical music she was playing did not have the rhythm that she needed. But before she could discover the guitar and the “rhythm” her life got busy and she got married just turning twenty years old and had her first baby when she was twenty one. So for the next thirty years she listened and danced and sang her away through the years as she drove her mini-van around and raised her four kids. Then she turns fifty, panics, and writes a bucket list where learn to play electric guitar is right next to tap dancing. Her husband buys her a Fender Strat, she takes lessons, two months into lessons a song tumbles out of her. Shocks her really, considering it a freak accident she has no idea the flood gates have just opened up. The music in her head races out like water held back by a dam. She found herself obsessed by the guitar, playing hours every day and writing in some crazed frenzy that none of her family or friends could figure out. All they knew was that no one should be able to play the guitar that well that fast and write the chords and melodies that seemed to effortlessly flow from her except someone who is gifted and how could she just be discovering that at the age of fifty?

Not only does Julie Clark Shubert play and write and sing, she produced her first studio CD. She trusted herself, her musical ear, all the music she had ever loved, and the people she picked to help her because really what was the down side. No one expected anything from her, why not give them everything. And that’s what this CD “From the Inside Out” gives the listener. Her quirky funky chords and rhythms are fleshed out by some amazing performances by the seasoned musicians that back her. And whatever you think this CD will sound like you will be pleasantly wrong. Each song is unique, some with sax, some with cello and some with keyboards, and all with guitar. The lyrics are fearless as she channels the experiences gained by years of living. Her humor, sarcasm and wit is everywhere. There are great dancing, toe tapping rhythm driven songs along with intimate ballads, twelve very unique songs on this CD.

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“From the Inside Out”, “Singer-Songwriter Julie Clark Shubert serves up songs with full-band backing, not simply as a solo singer with guitar or piano. Another interesting thing about Julie Clark Shubert is her range of vocal expression. Sometimes her voice sounds soft and vulnerable, other times strong and almost brash. That’s a rare gift.” Indie-music.com

If Julie and her music, her CD, her career is anything it is passionate and surprising and that makes this woman worth listening to.


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