Since Declaime aka Dudley Perkins and Georgia Anne Muldrow co-founded their own label, SomeOthaShip in 2010, the duo has been releasing projects from artists including Quazedelic, Riff Raff McGriff, and others. The pair is also focused on developing a collection of their own releases, and while Georgia will release Seeds, a collaborative effort with Madlib on March 27th, Declaime has been equally busy as he continues to promote his latest album,Self-Study, released in 2011.

[youtube lQ3J4_GWmJ0]

The latest single from Self-Study is “Ship’s Doctor.” Georgia Anne Muldrow produced the song, and in continuing their efforts to keep things in-house and hands-on, Dudley and Georgia directed and produced the video together. The straightforward clip features Declaime embodying his Dr. Shrooman persona, as his rhymes — a mix of slippery wordplay and spiritually-guided social commentary — unravel throughout the song, accompanied by a mix of scrolling effects that help to drive home his message.

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