SNAFU Kitties, Break Yo’ Back EP

SNAFU Kitties. It’s a strange, strange name, but it’s the strange things in life that we remember, isn’t it? The new EP from Danish pop/rock quartet SNAFU Kitties is called “Break Yo’ Back”. Inspired by the likes of The Beatles, The Dears and Radiohead, the band has good taste, but how do they stack up? That’s what we all want to know when it comes down to brass tax. The answer, in my humble opinion, is that they’re quite solid. They sound sincere and they bring their own original flair to the pop/rock genre. How many pop bands do you know that have jazz-infused funk interludes in their tracks? Right from my first listen, it’s evident to me that SNAFU Kitties aren’t content to tow the line — they’re a real band; pop/rock the way it should be.

SNAFU KItties “After All”:



The opening track “After All” is crisp, with a smartly played lagging beat and upbeat piano playing that reminded me musically of “Getting Better” from The Beatles “Sgt. Pepper”. It’s a fine backdrop for lead singer Jessie England’s strong vocals. The chorus heads into some seriously funky Jamiroquai territory and it gives the song the kind of dynamics that could earn it radio play. If the collective’s idea of pop music ventured a little closer to this type of sound, I’d certainly tune in to the radio more often.  

“Alice Again” continues our pop/rock journey with another soothing, piano-driven verse to another upbeat chorus. This is a trick more bands could stand to utilize. Too often choruses are letdowns, but with SNAFU Kitties, they just make you bob your head….more vigorously. Much credit goes to the drummer, who is making some interesting and uncommon beat choices throughout the release. They’re always suitable and never overdone. After Jessie England exclaims “I’m alive again!” on the last chorus we’re treated to an interlude that sounds like music being played in a dream. Once again, not a choice that an “industry trained” boring pop band would make.

Spider Song is where things REALLY get interesting, especially for fans of music that ventures on the darker side of things. It’s a track about being used, and I’m sure many will relate to the honesty in the lyrics here. I can tell you right now, it’s a much higher level of honesty than you will hear in your typical “You never called me” radio tracks. You can be sure of that.  

“I want to cut you so I can get release. You take your liberties like a dirty thief.”

Those are some brilliant and daring lyrics, sung with a beautiful vocal line over a musical arrangement that couldn’t be better. Although it’s far from their poppiest material, I’d consider it the standout track without a doubt. Keep listening, and the vocals really let loose. There are hints of greatness here and inspiration to spare for, say, 10 other bands.

Lastly, “Break Yo’ Back” romps freely. This actually upstages the first two tracks. It’s catchy to the extreme, and with more unique changes than the rest of the EP. The band’s experimentation really shines in the last two tracks. Radio should be playing this. It may be a bit too smart for radio, but why not demand something better and request SNAFU Kitties at your local station. We don’t have to accept the mundane output of the usual.

All in all, SNAFU Kitties impressed me much more than I would have expected. This is an excellent EP from a band that, with the right people around them, will be making major strides in the worldwide music markets. Highly recommended for fans of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and the Black Keys.

By: James Moore –

[Rating: 4/5]

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