There’s a bill that will be voted on tomorrow called SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) – Where the language is so broad, it will give the US Justice Department the power to shut down any websites that they feel is threatening the copyrights of one of the supporters of the bill.

That essentially means that sites like Facebook, VEVO, Google and all the blogs that we get our music from will be shut down in order to protect the copyrights of the RIAA (one of the bill supporters) + many other companies as well.

This directly affects you and everyone, and this bill needs to be stopped!
It is voted on tomorrow. I’d like you to ask you guys to call your congressman and let them know you want the internet to remain open and free!


This link is a robocall. Once you donate an amount it will find the numbers and send an electronic message to your congress person.

Let’s stop these corporate entities from destroying the internet.

Especially if you are an unsigned artist using the internet to build your career! This bill will put an end to that and there will be no way for you to start a career in the music business!

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