I like to consider myself a technology enthusiast as well as a music fanatic. The two of these are evolving so much right now that it is so exciting to wonder what is next. As the TV and the Internet become more synchronized we are about to see music benefit from it all. My guest today, Write Me A Chque, has used his music & his love for Youtube video posts allow him to create a fan following that spans the globe. I heard his new single “Midnight Magic” and I wanted to have him on here to tell his story. Join us as Write Me A Chque talks about Rockhampton, the 2012 apocalypse, garduating high school, and much more!

Stoli: Where are we talking from today and what are you looking forward to in 2012?

Write Me A Cheque: Talking to you write now I am still Rockhampton, Australia, and all i can say is 2012 should be   a great year for me music wise. I have several things lined up including a song which got contracted with HD Music Now. And of course hoping for an album this year sometime, and a lot more exposure.

Stoli: Do you feel that 2012 will bring on the apocalypse or are people just trying to make $$ off fear?

Write Me A Cheque: I think originally there was a bit of scientific truth that something small will happen to make a change, but obviously you get the people that like to blow it out of proportion and create havoc, which is all the mainstream of the world usually sees.

Stoli: At what age did you really get into making music and how did you get the alias Write Me A Cheque?

Write Me A Cheque: I was probably about 14 when I got serious about improving on my work. Before then I had mucked around a little for fun, then decided I wanted to take this further, which now leaves me doing work on songs daily. As for the artist name ‘Write me a cheque’, it was originally me and a friend, he sung ‘Chris brown’ style and I rapped, then he said he no longer wanted to be involved, so I kept the name and kept pushing.

“Midnight Magic”:

Stoli: What is your life like in Rockhampton, Queensland and how is the music scene?

Write Me A Cheque: The music scene in Rockhampton is very dull, the only stuff that really thrives here is mainstream music from the radio, or occasionally local bands playing at pubs. My life though is a bit more full on. I tend to either be working on my music, working at my job or going out late nights.

Stoli: Do you feel that the Internet has levelled the playing field for indie artists outside the USA?

Write Me A Cheque: Yeah, I think it has created a whole new level for indie artists outside the US. If you look at the market US wise, it is so much bigger then a lot other countries, so if you get something that doesn’t go to well in your own country, then there might be hope for you when you move to a bigger market. It’s happened.

Stoli: Do you do music full time or do you have a day job or school?

Write Me A Cheque: Just recently I finished high school, so at the moment I work during the days and then come night time I spend till early morning hours on my music, whether it’s working on tracks or just organizing the media side to it.

Stoli: I love your song “Midnight Magic.” When did you put that song together and whats it about?

Write Me A Cheque: Thanks! Ok well I was originally doing RnB hip hop style, then I decided to try and go a bit more into electro, and this was actually my second song of the new style I was trying, so a lot was experimental. It was put together about mid this year, and it’s basically a storyline of that feeling when you go out, the loud music, the good vibes, the partying etc.

Stoli: I love the high energy feel of your music. Would you say that is how your personality is as well?

Write Me A Cheque: Haha yes, you could definatley say it has traits of my personality. Very crazy, fun, loves to go out and just have a good time.

Stoli: What kind of equipment are you using to create your music & the beats?

Write Me A Cheque: Well I have kind of progressed through different equipment, starting with the basic of basic, then moving on to what I am currently using which is FL studio, Pro tools and then Ableton Live

Stoli: You are on all social media from Music X-Ray to Facebook. What site do you use the most to expose your music?

Write Me A Cheque: I try to get myself out there as much as possible, which can be hard, but my main exposure would have to be Youtube, which is the first place you will see the latest songs come out and updates

Stoli: What is coming up for you & where should we follow you online?

Write Me A Cheque: I do have quite a bit coming up, some of that including big news down to just some more exposure, but when it happens you will definitely all hear about it. You can always get the latest on my youtube channel, or like my facebook page for support. Thanks!

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