Walking Sideways, Walking Sideways

For years, there has been this kind of idea in many people that small doesn’t work. There needs to be more songs and such, just like books where the idea of less than 100 pages novels or such isn’t a book at all. However, as years go by, this idea has been changing in people’s mind. Now for some, what matters is the quality, at least of course in the industry of mind control, as some studios and record labels been doing.

Coming all the way from New York, Walking Sideways brings us their latest 3 song EP.

Every track has their own style, their own “flow” if you can call it that way. We found songs such as “Innocent Mistake” which is more like heavy, in the other hand there’s “Haven” and “Magellan” which they go by the catchy, more alternative side. Something that they all have in commons is the great guitar riffs, though they will not be easy to ignore with their great, awesome power that adds the epicness to every song. In short words, as a whole is brilliant music for any type of person out there; they only need someone that get enchanted by their sound.

In conclusion, this guys rocks. The only bad thing you would hate about this and may explain why people hate small EPs is that is so amazing you will ended up wanting to hear more. So head now to http://www.facebook.com/walkingsidewaysband and be yourself delighted.

By RJ Frometa – rjfrometa@hotmail.com

[Rating: 5/5]

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