Beloved musician, songwriter/producer and co-founder of The Raconteurs, Brendan Benson is thrilled to announce the launch of his own record label and publishing company, Readymade. This spring, Readymade will make its debut on the international stage with new releases from Benson (What Kind of World – 4/21 through to coincide with his son’s 2nd birthday with a 4/24 street date) and the first artist signed to the label, Young Hines (Give Me My Change – 4/10). Benson will be showcasing his new album at SXSW 2012 as well as on May tour dates where Young Hines will support in the U.S.

Readymade was born in the 90’s when Benson released the Wellfed Boy demos under the imprint as a 12″ vinyl. At the time Readymade was merely a concept due to a lack of resources to build a proper record label. Over a decade later Benson partnered with manager Emily White, who brought the idea to fruition, making Readymade a legitimate label around Benson’s musical output. Says White, “Brendan produced 5 albums in 2011, including his own. Launching Readymade gives us the option of a release platform tailored to each album under the same home. We wanted a way for Brendan to be able to create music when and how he wants and be able to put out the music sans any barriers. The answer to what we were looking for is Readymade.”

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