Jordan Carp, Slam Pig

Energetic, fun, quite, awesomeanic are some words that can easily describe Jordan Carp Slam Pig, but surely it goes beyond that, way beyond.

As for the sound goes, it’s like a wave. Coming up and down, for example, in tracks like “Mister Hipster” and album titled “Slam Pig”, are of those tracks that make you dance and sing along with it. Then there’s “Lost At Sea”, “Goodbye Julia” are relaxing, but still entertaining. Lyrically goes from personal to just enjoy life or such type of messages.

There’s no doubt this is one of those album you can mostly enjoy in this holiday season we are in and almost leaving behind, and even so, still play it over and over again. Carp’s voice and his music work together perfectly. Though, if we had to limit to one kind of listeners only, by the end of the day you can it suits better for those into bands like Everclear and Coldplay fans.

But don’t be afraid, who knows? It can be like when you were a child and your mom gave you vegetables, you hate them, but at the end maybe you like it to the point of being a vegan. So go ahead to[fulltext]=jordan+carp and taste it.

By RJ Frometa –

[Rating: 4.5/5]

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