Joe Di Fabbio, Joe’s House of Tunes

Joe Di Fabbio aka ChildKidd has got this cool Jimmy Buffet vibe. He has fun little ditties that force feed happiness whether your in the mood or not. I felt like putting on a multicolored Hawaiian beach shirt as I sat and listened. I was bopping my head, tapping my foot and humming right along.

From over the top catchy melodies to inspirational lyrics ChildKidd is not going to be satisfied until you are filled with joy. Entertaining up tempo songs prance out of the speakers. He cleverly tucks serious lyrics inside boppy tunes to get your attention. He takes you to church, he talks about global warming and intense love affairs. All are pretty serious subjects that would make most of us cringe in tears, But no, not ChildKidd he smacks you with facts then smoothes the emotions out with undeniably catchy beats.

ChildKidd seems to be making is own musical rules. Prosody, smosody who needs it? This guy obviously learned the rules then decided when and where to break them. Nice work. It is entertaining how he takes these hard core subjects and dances his point home. Your left a little confused but absolutely do not care, because now your inspired to change the world, love God and be the best partner you can be; all thanks to good ole Joe.

I’m going to go pop open a beer and listen to the CD again while I imagine myself on a Mexican beach somewhere with a big fat smile on my face. Thanks for the entertainment and thanks for the message. I listened to the CD and hopefully now will be a better person for it. I want to love more, protect our environment and spread the wealth. Peace!

Rebecca Hosking –

[Rating: 3/5]

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