LA-based artist Rocco DeLuca has signed with 429 Records which will release his forthcoming project “DRUGS ‘N HYMNS.”   The new album finds the blues-steeped musician forging a solo path armed with his National guitar, distinctively emotive voice and 10 reflective, vivid song-stories.   The hypnotically spare compositions conjure a world of characters seeking a certain solace and salvation while continually mired in the disturbed darkness.   .   The album was “anti-produced” by Rocco DeLuca and features guests such as the Echo Park Jubilee Tambo Flower Unsung Heroes Choir.   ”DRUGS ‘N HYMNS” is a fascinating recording in its quiet intensity, conveying a wide swathe of emotions from quietude mixed with underlying dread to hopeful exhilaration.   429 Records will release “DRUGS ‘N HYMNS” worldwide on March 6th.

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