Matthew Neves, Everybody Dreams

Matthew Neves is a solo artist out of Massachusetts. He is invading the scene with his latest release, “Everybody Dreams”. Sometimes an artist comes along that makes the dream a reality. Neves is living it and his fans are benefitting from his skills.  

[youtube Gj9H4NRxbtc nolink]

This is an outstanding collection of music. Matthew oozes talent as it runs through his veins and pumps out through the recordings. Each lyric is well thought out and paint beautiful pictures. Musically there is a rocking jazzy edge. Vocally he has a raspy sexy voice that controls the listener. You are compelled to concentrate on every track and eagerly anticipate the next one.

Each song breathes its own life. It is a suave display of exceptionally high quality. The CD starts off with an impulsive track, “When Tomorrow Comes”. It gives you chill bumps and sets up the level of what to expect as the music continues. Then he slides into, “In The End”. This tune is the epitome of cool. Nice guitars with groovy finger picking and solid harmonies that builds brilliance. The song, “Put on a Show” is my personal favorite. It is a rocker with spot on production. He out does himself on this one and could have easily left me satisfied by ending the CD there; But, NO. He then throws in one more slow and seductive grind that compels you to hit play and start the CD all over again.

Every song on this CD deserves a write up all of its own. This is a solid body of work that demands your attention. It is unlike anything I have ever heard. Matthew Neves created a new genre with his release, “Everybody Dreams”. It is worth the listen and provokes savory fantasies.  

By: Rebecca Hosking   –

[Rating: 5/5]

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