Once upon a time, a mad scientist took the soaring emotive vocals of Amy Lee, mixed it with the ethereal quirkiness of Kate Bush, and backed it with the dark electronics of Depeche Mode. The result was Alia Lorae. She has been described as a “hybrid of Lady Gaga and Marilyn Manson,” and her powerful pipes, clever lyrics and dynamic stage presence have earned her the title of “Empress of Electro-Rock” among her fans.

[youtube NZUhLI_IvIU nolink]

“I chose to call my first full length album “The Mad and the Beautiful” because I feel it best sums up the theme of my music,” says Lorae. “I’ve always seen an underlying beauty in what many people consider twisted or dark. My songs talk about madness, morphine, and putting the sex back into alien probing. I can’t sing about getting drunk on the dance floor – I get bored.”

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