Frosting, Fresh Frosting

Frosting are based in Illinois, USA I think and are a collaboration of musicians who have a vast experience of playing rock music.   The mastermind of Frosting is the lead vocalist/guitarist of the band, Spiv who had written various songs that just weren’t suitable for any of the bands that he’d been involved in, so he got a band together to play them.   It seems to be working out pretty well!

There are 10 tracks on the CD plus 2 bonus tracks and it has a sound and feel similar to Bare Naked Ladies.   The overall production quality is very high and it sounds like a professional studio album – it was recorded at the Kentland Records home studio in Chicago.   There is a nice full sounding mix of instruments and there are songs with lead vocals by Spiv and by Laura Lopardo which gives it a nice mix of male/female vocals.

It starts with Comfortable Enough which left me wondering where the CD was going to go as it was a little steady maybe but the vocals and overall mix sounded good.   The whole CD has a nice mix of energetic and frothy tracks such as Katrina Wells which fires away right from the start, and then there are more rocky numbers such as King Dawdle which was rocky but not too much and then a nice acoustic feel to Go Insane with Laura’s great sounding vocals being showcased.  

Overall this is a very good CD with great songwriting and instrument work – I’ll be making room in my CD collection for it!

Review written by Louisely D’amore
[Rating: 3.5/5]

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