Harvest Bloom was formed from various rock and worship bands.   They are Anji Kalita Cornette on lead vocals, Patrick Cornette on guitars, Greg Burkhammer on drums, Molly McGettrick on keys and backing vocals and Craig Sibal on bass.

Tell us what brought all of you together?  

HarvestBloom was formed in 2007 but the core members of the band have been playing together for years. We love music and we know we have a chemistry working together in our style of rock but with a specific message.

[youtube x4avMnB3tRc nolink]

Where did the name HavestBloom come from?

HarvestBloom comes from being followers of Christ. Some people offer a message and some help others grow in that message and bloom through life experiences.

What message do you want your music to deliver, tell us about your music?

Our music has been classified all over the place – but basically it is Rock. Sometimes we can get edgy and sometimes alternative and you will hear some blues in our music. We write whatever comes to us. Each member has different musical tastes and backgrounds from metal to pop to country to folk to classical to rhythm and blues to punk and you will hear tinges of all of these styles in our music. It makes it hard for people to pigeon-hold us but we like it that way. We write whatever comes to us but songs at the level we should be at by now. The messages in our songs are of hope and love and understanding.

What would you like to be doing 5 years from now?

5 years from now, we would like to have built a catalog of music available for our fans to enjoy for years to come. We believe that songwriting is a process and the more we write together and push each other, the more we evolve. Music is our art and our way of expressing our faith. Although the business of music is constantly changing, we are finding our way and it will be interesting to see where all of us in this industry are 5 years from now.

Any projects in the works?

Yes, we actually just released our third EP Let It Go on August 2nd. In adition, we just completed writing a new song that we are excited to be taking into the studio at the end of August to release a Digital Single some time this Winter. We have recently released all 3 of our EPs as a HarvestBloom Collection on our USB Flash Drives. Anyone who purchases, will automatically be entitled to all the Digital Singles we put out from now through 2012.

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