After much anticipation, ReDigiTM   the world’s first online marketplace for used (pre-owned) digital music opened its full beta site late last night in the United States.   ReDigi is rocking the music industry and offering a viable alternative to iTunes and the traditional digital retailer by establishing a resale value for digital music; giving consumers the freedom to legally buy and sell used digital music direct from one fan to another; and granting artists and labels a significant portion of the proceeds from the sale (and resale) of their music.  

In an age where technology gives us so many freedoms, ReDigi gives users the new freedom to take full advantage of the ownership rights of their music. It also provides artists and labels another revenue stream so they can keep producing the tunes we love so much,“ said ReDigi CEO John Ossenmacher. “ReDigi is about empowering music lovers and evolving the digital space.”

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