With the onslaught of success that Canada’s independent music scene has witnessed over the past decade, it should come as no surprise that indie-rock’s next best thing happens to hail from the same northern lands – Ontario, to be exact. Sandman Viper Command may only average out at the tender age of 21, but they display a certain type of tenacity and craftsmanship for pop melodies that generally do not come to fruition well into a band’s career. Having influences that range from their parent’s classic record collections to 90’s indie icons like Sonic Youth and Pavement, SVC’s diversity is ever-present throughout their entire debut Everybody See This.

Download “Strawberry Quick” here:


On single “Strawberry Quick,” arpeggiated, three-note riffs matched with Rob Janson’s drawn out delivery and quick-tongued rhymes set the tone. By the time the chorus kicks in, it becomes clear that SVC are fairly comfortable in their own shoes – and rightfully so. Seeing opening spots for acts like Holy Fuck, The Arkells, and The Rural Alberta Advantage in the past, Sandman Viper Command will be heading to CMJ for their first stateside show on October 22 at Arlene’s Grocery with a few following dates in Brooklyn, Chicago, and Rochester.

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