100 Mile House, Hollow Ponds

Have you ever had the urge to grab a Rand McNalley throw it in the passenger seat of your car and see what you can find? Total spontaneity, no plan, the highway is your destination. That is what “Hollow Ponds” is like by 100 Mile House.  

The band is taking western Canada by storm with cool sultry moves. Peter Stone and his wife, Denise MacKay joins forces with multi-instrumentalist Scott Zubot to create a smooth and sometimes chilling inception. Peter and Denise’s voices circle each other like butterflies on the first day of spring. Each song is one part of a colorful bouquet.

They open with the title track and set the mood for the journey ahead. When listening I closed my eyes and imagined headlights spilling across a dark road as the white lines pass one by one. It is dreamy, enticing and almost daring; tempting you to follow them to the edge of a mountain with only the wind between you and a leap. I like to rock out as much as the next person but I also love music that provokes retrospect.

Denise gives us a taste of her delicate voice in, “Goodbye”. It is a real attention stealer. At the moment they have you so relaxed, she assures you the goodbye is not forever. Then they interrupt the tempered mood in, “Because your mine” and seal the package with the peaceful, “Morning Light”.

They have two amazing voices that sound like they were created simply to compliment each other. It is time now for you to embark on your own journey. I highly recommend, 100 Mile House, playing in your CD player before you hit the road.

Rebecca Hosking – hoskingrebecca@gmail.com

[Rating: 4/5]

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