In Your Head is a journey through genres… Starting off strong with the title track “In Your Head”, Casey sets the tone with a sweeping melody and strong chorus that draws you in. Flowing into “Let It Slide”, the tone is brought down to a bit more serious nature, without losing the sincerity that Casey delivers so effortlessly. “Jennifer” follows, filled with lush harmonies calling back to the later work of one of Casey’s biggest influencers, The Beatles. The rest of the album continues on this way… picking you up, slowing things down, but never losing track along the way.Casey Shea is no stranger to the music scene. As a member of several bands that blurred the lines between pop, rock and soul, Casey toured the hallowed grounds of Nashville before setting out for a change of scene (and stage), settling in New York City.

Download an MP3 of “Jennifer” here:


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