Phoenix, AZ-based humorcore band Psychostick will be hitting the road with industrial metal band Mushroomhead at the end of September for a tour that will last until the end of October (see confirmed dates below; more dates are expected to be confirmed).   Says Psychostick singer Rob Kersey about the tour:   “We’re absolutely honored and excited to tour with the mighty Mushroomhead. I mean, how many big bands out there can look at us and say, ‘Yeah, we should take out those idiots in Psychostick!’ They’re the first, and we’re glad to be part of it.”
The quartet released their latest musical outing, Space Vampires Vs. Zombie Dinosaurs In 3D, on August 16, 2011.   Their new full-length record delivers everything Psychostick fans have come to love about the band:   the album is bursting with even more laughs per beat than previous efforts, and contains the most precisely crafted songs the group has composed to date.   Like all of their albums, Space Vampires Vs. Zombie Dinosaurs In 3D was self-produced, with guitarist Josh Key taking the reins as the main producer and engineer.   Psychostick plans on shooting multiple videos for the tracks on Space Vampires, since visual representations of their special brand of musical comedy are a no-brainer.

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