Ledfurd Recurds/Average Joes Entertainment releases Sunny Ledfurd’s “Place To Stay” video.   Sunny shot the video at friend and neighbor’s, Dale Earnhardt Jr’s Hammerhead Studio in Mooresville, NC.   Fans can sign-up for the video at his website at “Place To Stay” is the second music video from his Greatest Hits 2004-2009 album which was released in 2010.  

“I’m not the biggest fan of making videos, but this one was fun. It’s just me and the guys jamming out in a big garage. I had some friends hanging out and we drank beers. It was just a very casual situation. There was no acting because I can’t act,” says Ledfurd when asked about filming the video for “Place To Stay.”

[youtube zjp3VsP8t4I nolink]

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