David Silva, Moorpark Oasis

David has been musically active for pretty much 40 years — a child of the 60’s you can hear influences from Simon & Garfunkel and Leonard Cohen although David cites John Prine as his biggest musical influence.   This CD features a backing band which compliments the music very well but David is mostly a solo artist and all the songs on the CD were written solely by the man himself.

The CD starts out with the lovely pacy “Guitars & Shady Ladies” which bounces along at a great pace.   I enjoyed all the tracks on the CD but the other highlights for me were “Hal’s train song”, “Travelling” and “Coffee shop” — there are some great lyrics all the way through which are matched by some lovely bluesy/folky guitar licks which seem to be David’s trademark.

Although I did enjoy the CD I did notice that some of the chord progressions did feel a little old fashioned, or if you prefer, traditional!   It all felt a little bit safe but that’s probably my jazz influence unfairly popping up!

Overall the sound was good, the band and David sounded fantastic and there’s some lovely catchy tunes on there that I’m sure I’ll be whistling for some time to come!



[Rating: 4/5]

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