The International pop group, Domino Effect records in English and Polish.  In either language, they bring a sassy electronic sound that breaks down barriers and has an uplifting memorable sound.

The band started in 2006 in the US and from their first album “Covers” they donated all profits to the Nourish the Children Foundation.   They continue to record and have been awarded prestigious rankings from the International Association of Independent Recording Artists in the USA.

Where were you both born?

We were both born in Poland. I have moved to United States in 1991 and my drummer, Dominik Polizio still lives there. We usually spend at least six months in a year together to record new music or do some live performances.

Tell me how you met and a little about both of you?

This is actually quite a story. I was dating a beautiful girl which I married and  Dominik is her father. So we are related. Dominik once told me that when he was in the army they had a rock and roll band and he was the drummer in that band. I had my band when I was in high school. Years went by, but eventually we have decided to try and play together. It was a lot of fun, so we kept going and that’s how Domino Effect was formed.

Who were your early musical influences?
I grew up in Europe in the eighties, so obviously the eighties have had big influence on me and the music I write. The bands I liked back than were mostly the British new wave bands such as Kaja Goo Goo, Alphaville, Depeche Mode et Tera.

How do you classify your music?
I think this is the most difficult question for the musician to answer, because we don’t like to be classified and put into some category, but I’ll try. I would say that most of our music would fall into category Pop and some maybe Alternative, but it doesn’t mean we will not branch into Electronic or even some kind of hard-rock. I know it’s a big spread but we love all those genres and we like to experiment, so our music will change with time.

Tell me about your cd’s, what prompted you to donate your profits from Covers  to nourish the children?
Those were the beginning of our band. We were playing covers of the songs from 60s, 70s and the 80s. This was just for fun but at some point we decided let’s do something with it.    We recorded an album ‘Covers’ in my studio and sold it to our friends for $20.00/CD. This was amazing. Nobody ever said “no” to us or it’s too much, knowing that all the profits will help the children around the world. I have been donating to Nourish the Children before and new it was a fine organization that will do a lot of good with our money. Each CD sold by us fed one child for a month. It was a good cause and made us feel good about our music.

What new projects  do you have going on?
Currently we’re working on the new album ‘Forever’. The first song and the video has been already released and is available at:  

[youtube yEg-yv8lxio nolink]

What do you want listeners to get from your music?
First of all we want to entertain our listeners and give them the feeling of relaxation. We want them to forget about their problems when they listen to Domino Effect. That’s why a lot of our songs are   about love, relationships and just life.

What would you like to be doing five years from now?
Oh gosh, five years from now, reach more people, maybe do a show on national TV, have our music in a Hollywood production,  just make a mark.

Add anything you want us to know about you, tour dates, new cds, special charities or, simply thoughts on the music industry.      
I wanted to thank you for reading and encourage all young musicians to record their music and share it with the world.  All our music was recorded in my home studio. We’re living in times, when technology is allowing us to record our music and share it with millions of people right out of our garage or a basement. Music connects people. Let’s get connected one band at the time.

Diana Olson –

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