Verlee for Ransom’s debut CD delivers 9 hand picked tracks that each have their own musical identity while expressing a different side of Keira Verlee’s unique interpretation of the world around her.

“Think… if five Juilliard-bound wunderlings decided to record a debut, sit back and simply see what happened, well this would be something like the result.” -Skope Magazine

So Says the Doctor, is a heartfelt pop/rock song about a loved one’s battle with cancer, starting as a somber ballad and then soaring to exhilarating heights supported by crunchy guitar and dynamic vocals. Someone Else’s Lie, is the story of the importance of being true to yourself by way of Latin rhythms & an almost Santana-like guitar lead. The intensely emotional orchestral-piano piece, Velvet Masquerade, is illuminated by soaring vocals, timpani-like drums and a triplet of strings that would make even Tori Amos stop & listen. More of a Mess is fun & eclectic, bringing together a sexy staccato-like bass line reminiscent of Nancy Sinatra, with organs, cello and even vocal effects. And not to overlook Verlee’s singer/songwriter roots, Sigh brings the heartbreak story of feeling like there’s just no one out there who cares.

“happy like monkey that climb” is a body of work that even the most discerning listener will be able to relate to and enjoy regardless of age or preference of genre.

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