Steve Northeast, Another Day

In true “make it here, make it anywhere” fashion, Aussie singer/songwriter Steve Northeast relocated to New York City in 2002. Honing his craft and pursuing musical stardom in NYC venues, he first gained prominence with the release of his debut album Inside. Recently, Northeast and company released their anticipated follow-up Another Day, a 10-track dynamo of “raw and powerful” songs that serve as testament to the band’s evolutionary path to songwriting and their sheer musicality.

Album opener “You’re the One” is radio-friendly, vocally-driven pop goodness much in the vein of Goo Goo Dolls meet David Gray. Deep, emotive lyrics lay nicely over effects-laden guitar fills and a solid rhythm section backer. I would put this in the running for the first album single. Title track “Another Day” features fuzz guitar riff work complementing the raspy vocal delivery of more of Northeast’s love song lyrical matter. “Open Up” sounds reminiscent of a vintage Simple Minds song. The thumping bass line ekes through the constant acoustic melody, heavy electric strum fills and the accompaniment of backing vocals. Rounding out Another Day is the agro tempo of “Find Your Feet.” Indie rock sensibility in the verses walks hand in hand with a chorus that sounds a tad punkish in delivery. Guitar-laden progressions stand with the vocals in an amalgam of pure rock.

A bit dark in delivery but thematically hopeful within the context of the lyrics, Another Day is a respectable second outing. The arrangement is solid, the post-production work ample but not so much to sound contrived or to hamper the available talent at the hands of the group. Perhaps most surprising, these guys make a lot of music for a three-man outfit. This is proof that they are capable of playing to their strengths, making the tracks sound more complete and full than your average trio could muster. Fans of their debut are sure to see this as the next step in the evolutionary progress of the group. Hats off.

by Chris West –

[Rating: 3.5/5]

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