[Away], which was released December of 2010, is comprised of four brilliantly simple songs, each of which has his or her own personality and style. “Away”, the title track, features fellow singer Emily Valentine, whose award-winning vocal stylings serve as a seductive backdrop to this upwardly floating melody, sweetly melancholy guitar plucks, and intricate, head-bobbing beats.   “Beneath Your Feet” is destined to be a hit, merely because it is so darn catchy. As if that weren’t enough, Phil’s nimble fingers have created some delightfully quirky rhythmic encounters, and his inquiring mind expounds on the merits of the grass on this side of the fence, pairing practical wisdom with an age-old philosophical quandary.

‘Away’ EP:

“You’ll Be Fine” reminds us of the pleasure of an uncomplicated refrain, the sheer joy of actually being able to understand what the singer is saying, and the mystifying satisfaction of hearing someone sing along with himself. Finally, “Spring” is a refreshingly personal song of optimism, and Phil’s struggle to overcome his past. Ending here, you’ll find yourself floating on a water-borne raft, as the guitar sends you peacefully out to sea.

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