Nexcyx, EP

Get ready for a group from Barbados as they unleash their International debut EP and hope to take the world by storm!   They call themselves Nexcyx and the band incorporates many different styles of music such as: hip-hop, rock and pop.   Nexcyx is made up of four members: Mahalia Phillips on vocals, Andre Clarke on keys, Kris Clarke on bass and Russell Padmore on guitar.

The island of Barbados is actually responsible for another popular artist of today that you may have heard of lately–Rihanna.   Not to mention, Rihanna is a major influence toward the make-up of Nexcyx and the sound that they bring to the table.   Following in the footsteps of a supposed music star doesn’t seem like a bad idea at all especially if you’re trying to make a name for yourself.   I get that loud and clear, but my only problem with that logic is that it breeds boring unoriginality and no creativity whatsoever.   For instance, the standards of ‘popular music’ consist of a pop-tart, dance club hook that seems to be on every record of TODAY.   Many artists use this formula, record companies/promoters pump it out in large doses and in turn the people eat it up.   I can’t blame the musicians or the music executives though because they are only giving the people what they want to hear.   In this case, I would call it crap but of course that is my opinion.   What is happening right now in ‘popular/mainstream’ music I would like to refer to as the broken record syndrome.   Radio, online and TV is saturating the market with this same-old brand of music as they continue to churn out more…and more…and more…until we either get sick of it or become immune to this epidemic.   Nexcyx and ALL artists need to realize that they don’t have to go along with the flow to make it in this business.   Even though image, sex appeal, theatrics and a mediocre voice & style is what’s glamorized, actual talent and substance can go a long way.   Time for a BIG change and a musical revolution; let’s put an end to this ugly broken record syndrome!

With regards to Nexcyx and their association with Rihanna, I feel they are cutting themselves way too short.   After listening to all the tracks, I feel that this band has got serious talent as long as they don’t sell out.   What I mean is that they don’t have to go along with what’s considered the ‘HOT’ sound of today.   Phillips exhibits a very nice voice and I love her rapping as well.   The rock guitar presence on “A Little Bit” was very cool and there were also some rock-solid beats being laid down throughout the entire set.   On the catchy number “On The Floor”, I’m hearing a cool groove that is even kinda funky as it will get you to boogie down.   It’s a shame because Nexcyx has so much to offer and they don’t need a corny, pop-tart chorus line to make the track hot.   This group can easily break out if they want, but right now they are unfortunately stuck in the middle.   Choose to stand out in a crowd and go against the norm and then Nexcyx will rock my friends!

By Jimmy Rae (

[Rating: 2.5/5]

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