The Skullcranes, Columbia Heights Nights

When things get a little awkward in social situations, there’s one thing everyone needs to do: crank up Columbia Heights Nights, the latest from The Skullcranes. One of two things will happen: either the entire party will get a good kick out of the band’s outwardly humorous lyrics set to some of the purest punk this side of New York City. Either that, or the intensity of tracks like “Asscashorgrass” will invoke everyone to take out their inner frustrations around them, causing one hell of a melee. Yes, Columbia Heights Nights is one of those listens; you’re never sure whether you want to laugh hysterically or burn a cigarette in your best friend’s back for an injustice committed years ago.

Sonically, Columbia Heights Nights is nothing if not a rocket under your crotch; it’s hard-nosed punk that would inspire a mosh-pit in even the most placid of clubs. And moshing while listening to the record might be a good thing; while you can certainly rollick with the best of them during “Douche,” you’ll also be able to avoid a few Pulitzer-contending images, including that of referring to someone’s Grandmother as a “Dumb bitch.”

Clearly, there’s no way in hell that The Skullcranes take themselves seriously. And that’s the beauty; you won’t have to take yourself seriously while spinning Columbia Heights Nights either.

By Joshua Kloke

[Rating: 2.5/5]

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