The wait is over for Burns & Poe music! Having tantalized country radio and listeners with two new singles “Don’t Get No Better Than That” and “How Long Is Long Enough?” (currently at radio), Blue Steel Records’ sexy duo, Burns & Poe, are poised to unveil a double disc set this fall. Their self-titled debut release, jam-packed with original songs and a surprise ending, will be available November 16, 2010 via primary retail and digital outlets.

The first two radio releases are just a taste of the Burns & Poe experience. “How Long Is Long Enough?” captures the delicate pain of a broken heart with a graceful instrumental lilt while “Don’t Get No Better Than That” is a rollicking ‘living life to the fullest’ anthem. The CD collection* is pure Burns & Poe with equal parts tongue and cheek good-time, up-tempos and honest, moving ballads. Mark Oliverius, longtime friend and co-writer of the duo, signed on to produce and brings a distinctive polish to all fourteen tracks.


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