I know it’s Monday and many of you are tired, hungover, lazy, and just not into it. Well that is why I saved my next guest because I know that their sound will get your week started right. Coming out of LA is the infectious and catchy sound of Bardo. I caught wind of Bardo via Youtube after watching their video for “L.A. Is In My DNA.” I was very excited to learn there is so much good music coming out this band that I had to have them. Join us this week as Bardo gets deserved attention!

Stoli: Where are we speaking from today and what are your plans for the fall?

Bardo: We’re speaking from West Hollywood today.   We’re just launching the new EP this month, so our plan is to be out there promoting and playing shows.  

Stoli: Where did you come up with the name, Bardo?

Bardo: Bardo is a Tibetan word.   It’s most commonly heard about in the Tibetan Book of The Dead where they describe the bardos or journeys you will go through from the time you die until the time you are reborn.   I’ve (Leslie) been into Tibetan Buddhism for a while and I’ve always thought it would make a great band name.

Stoli: Leslie has taken the position of leader of the band. What is it about her that allows makes her so perfect for that position within the band?

Bardo: I don’t know if I’m really the leader of the band.   I had the concept for the band and Rich and I fostered it.   I wrote and cowrote most of the songs with Rich. I sort of think of myself as the steward of the project rather than the leader of the band.   Rich is really the musical director.

Stoli: How does being based in LA offer you more access to music lovers and industry insiders?

Bardo: Well there is definitely more industry here than anywhere, but in terms of music lovers L.A. can be a hard nut to crack. However, we have a tribute song on this EP to L.A. so I think our audience here should surface a bit more hopefully.

Stoli: You are offering your new EP for free on Facebook – http://facebook.com/bardoband. What made you want to offer the EP for free?

Bardo: We are actually offering a song for free on Facebook, but we will be doing a 2 for one deal on the CDs. The most important thing for us right now is to establish a strong fan base. So it’s more important to us that people get turned on the music than anything.  

Stoli: I think that youb guys should be signed to a label. Is a major record deal something that you are striving for or you like the indie approach?

Bardo: We’re open to anything that will help put our music in ear shot of our audience.   We’re proud of our ability to support our own music but not so proud we won’t accept help.   Like most musicians, we just want to play music, so anything that allows us the freedom to do that, without having to sacrifice our artistic integrity is welcome.

Stoli: I love your song, “Karma Is A Bitch.” Please elaborate on who and what inspired that song?

Bardo: That song came from my festering anger with what I like to call “spiritual ka ka”. Especially out here in California where anyone who sits on a pillow cross legged and uses the word “energy” a lot can deem themselves a spiritual teacher. They’re no better than pedophile priests. They’ll take your money and fondle your kid in the name of God without blinking.

Stoli: What is an out the ordinary thing that you can let Skope readers know?

Bardo: Yikes….it would be easier to narrow down the ordinary things about us!   I don’t know, well, Rich was born a poor black child so that’s kind of weird.

[youtube _BTI3SFifYE nolink]

Stoli: Do you play in Bardo full time or do you have other gigs to help pay the rent as well?

Bardo: Unfortunately gigging in L.A. doesn’t even pay the utility bills around here so without outside jobs there would be no Bardo records, or videos, or rehearsals for that matter. We’re self supporting through our own contributions. (i.e. independent) The hope is always that the music will start paying us back one day.

Stoli: Do the guys in the bands girlfriends or wives mind them spending so much time with the sexy & intriguing Leslie King?

Bardo: What are you saying?   We’re not sexy and intriguing?  

Stoli: What is coming up for Bardo and where can we follow you online?

Bardo: Our CD release party was August 18th at the Hotel Cafe in Hollywood.   Then we’re off and running. Hopefully a tour soon and zillions of fans knocking down our doors.


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