Avril Lavigne, award-winning singer/songwriter and philanthropist, announced today the creation of The Avril Lavigne Foundation. The Avril Lavigne Foundation will partner with leading charitable organizations to design and deliver programs, raise awareness and mobilize support for children and youth with disabilities and serious illnesses.

“I have spent the last six months figuring out how to really focus my philanthropic interests so I can do more and have greater impact,” said Lavigne. “I am always inspired by the personal experiences of people living with a disability or a serious illness and how they work so hard to not be defined by their circumstances. They want what we all want: the chance to pursue their dreams, and to believe that anything in life is possible. I hope The Avril Lavigne Foundation is able to provide support.”

The Avril Lavigne Foundation will partner with Easter Seals, the leading non-profit provider of services for children, youth, and adults with disabilities and other special needs, to identify and fund recreational programs for children and youth, and other programs designed to support families with children with disabilities.


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