“What I’m trying to say is, ‘Come back America, come back to freedom.’   I’m not feeling free anymore. Is anyone in this country?” Asks Shaffer.   “Most people in this country aren’t free, and they don’t even know it. They’re slaves to a broken tax system, corporate greed, and laws that infringe upon our most basic liberties.”

“Come Back America”marks the longtime Los Angeles transplant’s return to music after a 25-year hiatus.   In the 1970’s, Shaffer was inked to two consecutive major record deals before retiring from music to raise his son.     A couple of years ago however, Shaffer was at a Paul McCartney concert when suddenly the light switched back on.   The urge to sing and write surged through him and melodies began to materialize. The first song would be “Come Back America.”  

[youtube wCJheZ3oyYo nolink]

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