I have been excited all weekend to introduce my guest for this week. I knew this musician was talented as I listened to his new album which is totally in Spanish and I did not even notice until I was halfway through. Allow me to introduce the next big thing, Dario Benitez. Dario has got the ladies & the fellas going nuts over his looks, his voice, and his unqiue sound. Join us as we chat with Dario Benitez about the new album, how his summer was, and watch his video for “Pensando En Ti.”

Stoli: Where are we talking from today and how was your summer?

Dario Benitez: I am talking to you from Los Angeles , CA from. Summer was great. I went hiking a lot but also shot my first music video “Pensando En Ti” (Thinking of you)

Stoli: At what point in life did music go from being a hobby to a career passion?

Dario Benitez: I always been involved with music since I was very young. My mother always encouraged me and my siblings to do something artistic because my extended family on my mother side are mostly musicians.I got into singing when I was very young, when I turned 18 I realized I wanted to do it as a career cause I love every minute of it.
Stoli: How did having a Columbian & Venezuelan family open up your mind to music & performing?

Dario Benitez: I think music is always around both cultures and any Latin culture, you feel the beat you dance but my body wanted so much more. I wanted to express the words of poems that I wrote when I was younger. So any drum beat or any lyrical content you hear in my album is influenced by Colombia, Venezuela and the United States since I moved to the states when I was 14 years old.
Stoli: You recently released your album, ‘1000 Milas.’ How long were you writing & recording that album and what studio did you use?

Dario Benitez: It took about 1 1/2 year to complete my first Spanish Album “1000 Millas”. I co-wrote the songs with the Toby Sandoval who was also my producer for this album and we recorded at his recording studio.   Toby has worked with the International   Latin Pop star “Paulina Rubio” and Pee-Wee, just to name a few.

[youtube ZSyO7S0_Fxk nolink]

Stoli: How much time per week is devoted to playing & writing music?

Dario Benitez: I am not the type of artist who sit down and says ” Ok I am going to write a song about such and such or about this”. I simply let the music come to me, just that simple. This might sound strange but when I am taking a shower I visualize videos then lyrics and melodies come to me all at once , then I just write them down and record the melody on garage band or a recorder. When it comes to performing I get ready a few weeks before the show to give a great show. Right now I am in the talks to do my first big show at The Roxy in Los Angeles, CA

Usually I am singing every day, learning songs from other artists as well.

Stoli: Even though I do not speak Spanish, I still can enjoy your music. Do you get that alot and any plans for an English version?

Dario Benitez: I am currently writing some English songs but the funny thing is the majority of the lyrical content in “1000 Millas ” were in English then I translated them to Spanish, but I am currently working on some new English song and Spanish as well.
Stoli: I love the video for “Pensando En Ti.” How does the video define what the song means to you?

Dario Benitez: Well the song is about when you are dating someone and all of a sudden that special someone is gone but you constantly keep thinking about the person, thats why is “Pensando En Ti” ( Thinking Of You). In my case, I wanted to do the video from what I see it happens 75% of the time in some situations of the dating world. Sometimes we meet one person, then we meet another one then we are caught in a triangle. And it is fun and great but then you end up alone. You end up alone because you were playing a little dating game. I have played that game just to experiment and it just does not work for me.

Stoli: You are a handsome young man. What kind of women are you attracted to and what do you like to do on a first date?

Dario Benitez: I really do not have a type to be honest.   I just have to be attracted to you, I do not care if you are White, Latin, Black. You have heard this before but as long as you keep me on my toes,make me laugh   and you make see the world in a whole different way from the way I see it and you make me think a lot, then that is the person for me. Believe it or not, I haven’t dated much lately because I been focusing on my music but on the first date, I would say go have a glass of wine, eat some good cheese and fruits then talk and maybe go to a dance studio then dance Salsa but maybe skydiving could be an awesome scary first date too lol.

Stoli: Who are two Latin musicians before you that inspire you and you respect?

Dario Benitez: Ricky Martin is an icon and he is very influential to all emerging Latino Artist. Another artist I respect because her creativity is Shakira. I think she is very very talented and she is someone to watch for the years to come. I also really respect Juanes, through his music he is telling the whole world whats going on, he is sorta like the CNN Correspondent Musician because he is always sending his message out in regards to the issues with the world and how we can contribute to make the world a better place.
Stoli: The violence in Mexico is awful. What can the US & Mexican governments do to help the people?

Dario Benitez: I would say that   is important to educate travelers of the dangers and what precautions to takes.   I believe the Government is doing the best they can to resolve the issues we are currently having.

Stoli: What is coming up for Dario Benitez and where are you at online?

Dario Benitez: At the moment I am in the talks to do a show at the Roxy in Sunset Los Angeles, CA on October 10th. Also I am rehearsing for the big BMI Showcase on November 1st. My music is available is all major online stores, including iTunes and you can find me Also follow me through twitter at


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