Nadia Kay, Reloaded

Emerging Pop princess Nadia Kay has released the follow-up to 2009’s “Music, Sex and Marshmallows” with her 10-track LP of electronica-laced, beat-heavy dance pop, Reloaded. Lyrically, the album is comprised of the relatively standard fare of clubs, DJs and “Bling” (Track 10, actually. See below.), although a few songs are thematically based: aviation, beauty salons and chemistry. And while the analogies seem far off, Kay’s storytelling via lyrics pulls them off surprisingly well.

Album single “Captain Sky Love” is replete with dance club electronic squeaks and a heavy accompanying beat. Kay’s vocals stand out and though they are laden with effects, it bolsters her voice into a strong vocal delivery. “Crashing Down” is a break from the racing album pace with its down-tempo delivery and demure backing instrumentation. Again the strong vocals begin with Kay’s a cappella intro through to the fade. “Bling” features quirky electronica, an amped drum beat and the ubiquitous lyrics you would associate with a song called “Bling.” The track as a package is catchy without quite tipping into kitschy. Think a dance version of Madonna’s “Material Girl.”

When it comes to Pop stardom, Kay is the complete package. She’s obviously easy on the eyes. Her theatrical background has lent the necessary amount of stage presence and her vocals and songs are certainly radio-friendly enough to make a standard rotation. But it seems the best place for her music to find a home was summed up nicely by 50 Cent when he said: “You’ll find me in da club.”  

by Chris West

[Rating: 3/5]

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