I have been covering musicians for many years now and it never gets old thanks to talented & exciting musicians like Keith Moody. I will admit it took alot to get going on this rainy Monday morning. Then I put on Keith’s new single, “Up” and I am awake and ready to face the day. I have heard many hit songs and it is safe to say that “Up!” is a feel-good bonfaide hit! This is only one hit off Keith’s new four song EP, ‘Lines.’ Join us as Keith opens up about moving to TN, Top 40, high unemployment, and so much more!

Stoli: Where are we talking from today and what are you up to?

Keith Moody: Well today I’m in Texas about to play a show in College Station. Love playing here, should be a jamming night! Going to play my guitar really loud! (making rock sign)

Stoli: What made you want to name the band after yourself and what made you want to go solo?

Keith Moody: Well I just named the project Keith Moody, because it started out that way. I went Solo, because I really didn’t want to be leveraged by anyone else. It allows me to do my thing the way I want to.

Stoli: You know how to write a hit song for sure. What do you think when you turn on Top 40 radio and your music is far superior?

Keith Moody: Personally I feel my music is far superior to most of what top 40 radio has to offer. I mean face it most of what’s been made the last 20 years is not remotely timeless. I mean where is the Dylan, McCartney, Springsteen or Bacharach of this generation for that matter?
Stoli: Your debut solo album came out in 2008. Now in 2010 you are releasing an EP. Why did you decide to take that route and what was the rationale behind that based on the times?

Keith Moody: Well I feel like at this point people have shorter attention spans, so I want to release some music more often rather than an album that may take two years to write and release again. However I may go back to the album format for 2011, it just depends on how I and my guys feel and the way time shakes out for us.
Stoli: Are you concerned about the high unemployment rate and what do you think we can do to help the people?

Keith Moody: As far as high unemployment, I feel economically America has prostituted itself out for lower priced goods. I feel we must make and manufacture goods in this country. Service economies have never been seen in world history…not once. If it has show it to me. The closest examples, though not exact, are ancient Rome and colonial Britain and they both respectively failed. We must make quality goods domestically once again. We must also purchase those goods. The parent companies don’t always necessarily have to be US based either. Look what Hyundai and Mercedes have done for my home state of Alabama. Its outstanding!

Stoli: I love your song, “Up!” What was going on in your life when you decided to write & record that song?

Keith Moody: Well I was starting to fall for someone I had known for awhile and simultaneously my cousin Abby who is very close to me was also getting married. I was just surrounded by all these positive emotions and they came out in the song. I also feel its a great late 60s kind of throwback too. I actually gave the song as a gift of sorts to Abby and her husband Jared for a wedding present.

Stoli: You are based in TN now. How has being around Nashville helped offer you exposure to some heavy music industry folks and is that why you moved there?

Keith Moody: Actually not as much as you would think. I moved to Nashville to construct a team really not to “be discovered”. I feel anyone with that outdated mentality needs to reevaluate doing this. Music has changed and you must be a business person as well as a talented artist. My advice would be grow it where you are as much as you can, then proceed to an industry town like Nashville, New York, L.A. or Austin.

Stoli: How did you hook up with Steve Wolfe and Steve “Manny” Satre and what do they offer your musical vision?

Keith Moody: Well, its the basic Nashville scenario….all of us moved here to play and we sort of found each other by God’s hand I guess. Basically they go all out all the time, and that allows the vision live to evolve into its own product. Its quite unique and I am proud of what we do.

Stoli: When you are not doing music what do you like to do in your free time?

Keith Moody: I watch sports and go to the river. I am a huge Alabama football fan and Chicago Cubs fan. The river is just a good time to have a Dr.Pepper or something stronger and be one with all of God’s creation. Its a nice change from the constant bustle of touring and meetings.

Stoli: Who are two other musicians that you respect & listen to right now?

Keith Moody: I love Tom Petty…listen to him all the time. John Popper and the guys from Blues Traveler too, they do it the right way and are amazing players. I am still floored by a number of artists too numerous to mention, but there’s a couple morsels for you. (laughs) Overall, I tend to gravitate to artists that craft on the stage as well as in the studio. Zac Brown, Warren Haynes, Waylon Jennings and Eric Clapton are some more examples.

Stoli: What is coming up for Keith Moody and where can we follow you online?

Keith Moody: Well we will continue touring the rest of the year and look for a live record soon and hopefully another studio project next year. We also are considering releasing some video footage for download as well as a DVD.
Right now I use Steve Clayton picks and Accessories and a variety of guitars both acoustic and electric strung with Elixir strings by Gore. Also I use two Dr. Z Maz 18 Jr amps with reverb. Best amps I’ve played and I have been through quite a few over the years.


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