Derek DeGrate Releases New Album, Brother of DeVante and Dalvin of the Multi-Platinum R&B Group, JODECI.

DeGrate is the surname of the family that has brought new flavor to the music industry for decades. Now Derek DeGrate steps out with a solo project, also featuring the production of Dalvin DeGrate of JODECI and Justin Burton-DeGrate.

The album is titled Derek DeGrate “The Other Brother”, with the flavor of the album ranging from urban inspirational lyrics, to urban R&B music tracks. The album captures the attention of urban music lovers and gospel music lovers.

Derek is the other brother of DeVante and Dalvin, of the multi-platinum R&B group, JODECI. Like his older brother DeVante, and baby brother Dalvin, he has been involved in music ever since he was a child actually singing solos in church, at age 5.

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