The Speaking Tongues, Wild Sound

It’s a wild sound, indeed. Straight out of the hallows of Southern Ontario (Though at times, you’d swear this gnarly two-piece came straight from hell) comes The Speaking Tongues, whose fervent, rollicking approach to cut and dry blues rock takes no prisoners. This is hard music not for the faint of heart; this debut LP is a potent cocktail of whiskey and speed.

Opening with “Run To My Door,” it’s clear that these two gents are capable of getting loud. Tracks like the swinging punch of “Run To My Door” and the greasy swagger of “Hit The Road” prove that with determination, an adherence to a classic rock aesthetic, two dudes can sound louder than an atom bomb.

Melodies be damned, Wild Sound might just be the first time a band has bridged the gap between biker-ready hard rock and furious, punk-leaning two-minutes bangers, as evidenced on “Wake Up.” If any singular sound can beat the shit out of Henry Rollins, it’s “Wake Up,” though almost any track on Wild Sound would come in close second. What The Speaking Tongues do well is entirely too remarkable; they manage to get better as they get louder. You can only assume that with a few more amps, this band might be the best freaking two-piece on the planet.

By Joshua Kloke

[Rating: 4/5]

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