NY based band Gangstagrass has been nominated for an Emmy for the theme song of the FX hit series “Justified,” starring award winning actor Timothy Olyphant.

The song was written for the show Justified in January by Rench (Oscar Owens) and T.O.N.E-z (Jason Keaton). Title “Long Hard Times to Come”.

It features T.O.N.E-z rapping and Rench singing, as well as banjo, dobro, and fiddle, similar to the tracks on the Gangstagrass album Lightning On The Strings, Thunder On The Mic.

Justified premiered in on FX in March, and has now been picked up for a second season.

The song was recorded and produced at Rench’s studio Rench Audio in Brooklyn NY.

Elmore Leonard, author of the books that Justified is based on, became a Gangstagrass fan after hearing the theme song. “Rench and his friends have done nothing short of creating a new form of music. Gangstagrass takes two types of music that are opposites and mixes them together brilliantly in a way that is natural and enjoyable.” – Elmore Leonard


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