The term “Super-Group” describes a band rising out of two of the most creative bands of the past 30 years: YOSO is formed out of TOTO’s brilliant lead vocalist Bobby Kimball and the creative force of former YES members, Tony Kaye and Billy Sherwood, thus equalling the magic of YES with the voice of TOTO. However, YOSO is much more than a combination of two classic rock groups. The band’s debut album “Elements” will debut July 2nd in Europe and July 23rd in the USA on Frontiers Records. This long awaited release comes with a bonus live CD where the band plays some old and new classics. This musical blend presents a fascinating combination of the sound of YES (“90125″/”Big Generator” era) and TOTO, with a very interesting and original sound that truly encompasses the styles.

Even with the band’s two diverse heritages, YOSO intends to become its own identifiable entity in a very short time. YOSO’s mission is to make the next decade one where their music will stand the test of time holding up alongside their classic rock roots.

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