Elevator Art, Self-Titled

Are you ready for not one…not two…not three but four lead singers and a drummer/percussionist?   If so, that is exactly what you’re getting from NJ-based Elevator Art and their debut album.   The fact that this band is breaking the mold by including four lead vocalists is irrelevant here because Elevator Art offers so much more in return.   Their style can best be described as all-over-the-place rock with no set boundaries in place.

The group is made of: Joe La Scola on drums/percussion, Daimon Santa Maria on vocals, keys, guitar & bass, Mike Jonin on guitar, bass & vocals, Jennifer Mustachio on guitar, vocals, bass & percussion and Maureen McGowan on guitar, vocals & percussion.   The vocal dynamics between the two male voices and two female voices is right on the money here.   You hear a perfect balance of tones and pitches as the five band mates bring their art form of music to life.

Just as a piece of art is examined differently from one person to the next, this Jersey quintet can be depicted in the same fashion.   Going off of this concept further, one would say that an abstract piece of art is not easy to sum up in just a few words.   This particular item would require much more thought and complex reasoning to fully grasp & understand the object at hand.   Elevator Art is the exhibit at hand today and they are displaying thirteen new tracks that you have to take in one song at a time.   One number to the next has a completely different meaning & purpose that demands everyone’s undivided attention.   Soak it all in and please enjoy the Elevator Art show that is about to begin.

The diversity that these artists display on this new record is absolutely incredible.   The fact that each member plays many instruments adds to that full pounding sound that you experience.   The instrumentation is heavy in texture and the drums & percussive elements possess a dominantly bold presence throughout the album.   You witness moments of classic rock, pop rock, alternative and even folk as Elevator Art paints a wonderful picture.   The music is rockin’ good fun with witty & interesting lyrics that are both wild & innocent.   You also receive terrific harmonies & melodies to go along with very nice grooves.   You are getting so much fun-filled energy here that is powerful, funny and serious all at once!

This record proves that you can have a good time while also picking up on a few helpful hints along the way.   The message here is to live life to the fullest but to also keep it all in perspective.   Elevator Art is raising the bar with this new release by making highly creative tunes that are intriguing to the ear.   You just might look at life and look at music in a completely different light after hearing Elevator Art’s finished piece.   For more on these New Jersey natives and their brand new CD, SKOPE out www.myspace.com/elevatorart.

By Jimmy Rae (jrae@skopemag.com)

[Rating: 4.5/5]

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